6 Reasons Why Video Calling is Better than Texting

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Texting has been fashionable for a long time. Impressive? Definitely. But, also rather surprising considering how impersonal of a communication method it is. 

We get it. Text messaging is convenient, quick, and functional. However, that doesn’t mean it is always the most enjoyable or fundamentally sound way of getting in touch with someone. Conversely, video calling is. Let us tell you why. 

Video Conferencing is WAY More Personal

Even though continuous text messaging can result in lengthy conversations, what you are not always getting in return is personality and proper context. 

By embracing video calling instead, you are able to have a truly interactive experience with those you are gathering with. Smiles are present, as are the belly laughs that emerge when a funny story is recalled. During more serious conversations, context is crystal clear, and you do not have to guess exactly what the other person on the video call is trying to communicate.

Instantaneous Reactions Aplenty 

How often have you sought an immediate reaction from someone after texting them, only to not get anything in return for what seems like an eternity? 

Of course, a person could be driving and unable to access their video chat app. Or, maybe they’ve read the message, but didn’t feel as if a fast response was necessary. On a validation level, this sucks – especially when the person’s reaction means a lot to you. 

When communicating through an online meeting platform, a reaction is not stowed away. Even if you don’t get the one you desire, that’s still better than not getting anything back at all. 

Keep Conversations Moving Forward

The other downside of a text messaging chain being broken by a non-response is that it puts an impromptu halt to a conversation. Yes, it could be picked up later, but by that point responses are written to be polite, not necessarily constructive.

Video calling keeps conversations alive and progressing. By using this means of communication, a chat will simply reach its natural conclusion, or seamlessly divert in a new direction.

Video Conferencing Requires More Focus and Effort

Once someone knows how to send a text, it’s understandable that they don’t want to try communicating in a way that requires more focus and effort.

Now, we are not saying that participating in a live video chat online is a complicated endeavour – because it’s not. The point is when speaking with someone through a video chat app, you have to pay better attention to those joining you on a call. This is where the extra focus and effort needs to be applied. 

It’s Tough To Miss Video Calls

If text messaging is a big part of your routine, you likely have a surplus of conversations going on at once. Unfortunately, the result of this often leads to many people not hearing back from you because their text has been missed.

Turning to video calling instead will result in more important talks getting completed, versus being left up in the air. Unlike texts, a virtual meeting can be scheduled properly via an online meeting platform, making it harder for such a conversation to be missed.

Adios Emojis and Acronyms

Chances are a large number of your SMS online activity features emojis, or acronyms like “LOL” “TBH,” and “ICYMI.” While these text messaging tools have become widely acceptable, they are a very simplistic, sometimes vacant, way of conveying a feeling to someone.

On video conferencing platforms, you can laugh out loud without having to use the acronym. Better yet, you won’t have to type “LOL” just because you don’t know how to react to a person’s comment.

What’s more, you can share a genuine facial expression without having to find an emoji to accurately reflect your emotion. What a relief, eh?

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