How to Motivate Your Team on a Video Call

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A productive, successful workforce is a motivated workforce. When employees feel excited about their responsibilities and know that doing a good job will result in great things for them, it’s amazing how much better they will be at taking care of business.

Motivation, though, is a funny thing. The feeling can occasionally run dry for even the most motivated person you know. Additionally, other individuals need constant positive reinforcement and/or a big piece of cheddar at the end of the maze to remain motivated.

As a team leader, it is important for you to use all tools in your arsenal to keep staff motivated. In particular, you should really zone in on how video call team meetings can help keep your staff moving in a positive direction.

Face-to-Face Pep Talks 

Knowing how to motivate employees begins and ends by understanding how to communicate with them. Even if you are the type of boss comfortable with sending words of encouragement via email or text messaging, this gesture – while thoughtful – doesn’t inspire everyone.

A simple 10-minute, 1:1, video conference with an employee who is down-in-the-dumps can get them back on track. This individual could just need face-to-face reassurance that you still have faith in their work, even if struggles have been evident of late. Knowing you continue to have confidence in them, will help the employee rediscover theirs. 

Publicly Acknowledge Accomplishments

When you gather the team for a live video chat online, use this occasion to celebrate the excellent work generated by some of those on the call. This type of public recognition lets employees know their efforts are being recognized and appreciated, thus leading to a desire to keep pleasing.   

Depending on the competitive nature of your team, these virtual meeting shoutouts will motivate those who didn’t get such attention on a given call. They will either be jealous of the focus being put on to anyone but them, or fear that if they don’t step things up, unwelcomed change could occur. Whatever the feeling might be, they, too, will be motivated to receive similar acknowledgement. 

Encourage Team Members to Contribute

When it comes to video meetings for teams, there are not any hard and fast rules regarding how they should be structured. Really, it’s up to how a certain company and/or managerial team opts to go about them.

That said, it is vital to allow members of your team to have a voice in any video call you conduct. Doing so will change the tone of a meeting and inspire employees to bring excellent ideas to the table each time out. If employees know they’ll be heard, they’ll definitely be more motivated to contribute. 

Let Someone Else Take the Lead

Going one step beyond opening the floor for video conferences, is letting others host certain team meetings. Once you know these individuals understand how to operate the company’s selected online meeting platform, hand them the keys. 

While some staff meeting participants are pleased by the chance to contribute ideas, others are natural born leaders who long for the opportunity to take ownership of a directive. The latter will view this as their chance to show how they handle more responsibility, hoping several successful performances will lead them up the corporate ladder. 

Give Them Some Fun

Not every team meeting needs to be centred around projects, deadlines, or upcoming company initiatives. Some of these video calls can be casual in nature and a reward for the team who has surpassed expectations over a given quarter. 

Once everyone has logged into the video chat app, they can kick back, socialize, or even partake in a fun activity (i.e., trivia, virtual food and beverage tasting, etc.) that you coordinated as a way of saying, “thanks!” When a team knows you are willing to reward their efforts, you will see a noticeable uptick in motivation. 

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