6 Things You Should Never Wear at a Formal Virtual Meeting

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We all know that only some rules apply to most virtual meetings you’ll ever participate in. However, one rule that doesn’t fit in across the board is how one should dress for a video call. In reality, deciding on your wardrobe for such gatherings comes down to who you will be seeing and for what purpose.

For this exercise, we’ve decided to focus on how to not dress in a formal virtual meeting setting. Usually in these environments, suits, ties, blouses, crisp sweaters, and button-down collared shirts are often the fashion people employ.

On the other hand, the selections below should be reserved for either casual get-togethers, or your off-the-clock activities:

Anything Too Revealing

It should go without saying that donning anything overtly see-through or meshy is not the right approach for a live video chat online with co-workers and/or clients.

If wearing clothing like this is your style, cool, to each their own. However, in a space where you are supposed to be oozing professionalism, wearing items such as these will send the wrong message.


Eye contact is very important for all video conferencing appointments, regardless of the online meeting platform you are using. Having big, dark sunglasses do not allow for this and will subsequently throw off others on the call.

Sure, you may have had a bad night’s sleep – or a really great night on the town – and do not want your eyes to tell those tales. That said, it’ll be easier to explain away tired eyes to your online cohorts, than why you find it 100% necessary to keep sunglasses on while meeting with others.

Offensive Phrases and/or Logos

This shouldn’t require much explanation. If you have clothing with rude language or offensive imagery, leave these items in the closet during virtual meetings. Period. These professional conversations are not the appropriate venue for clothing that offers a controversial message or perspective.


Even if it’s cold in the room you join video calls from, a hoodie is far too casual of a wardrobe selection for serious business meetings.

While comfortable, a hoodie brings with it a post-work, night-on-the-couch type of vibe that you shouldn’t want to present to clients or higher-ups in your company. Plus, there is always the chance you will instinctively pop the hood on during a virtual meeting, and further make others wonder where your business etiquette disappeared to.


Even if you are having a bad hair day and do not want anyone to see the bird’s nest up top, hats should remain on their rack during video calls. If anything, just devote a few more minutes to a good combing.

For the longest time, hats would always be taken off when having a formal sit-down with family, friends, or business associates. While this tradition isn’t respected as much as it once was, it should still definitely be recognized during virtual meetings.


Definitely do not log on to your video chat app and enter a formal online meeting wearing some raggedy t-shirt. In business, t-shirts make sense under a dress shirt if you fear too much perspiration will seep through – but that’s about it.

However, if you come on to a video call in a gym t-shirt, or one you’d wear while performing chores around the house, others may not be impressed by your lack of decorum. If for comfort reasons you’d prefer a short-sleeved shirt, a crisp, collared golf shirt always does the trick.

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