How Video Chats Can Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

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For years, many companies have relied on over-the-phone or text chat customer service methods to take care of those they provide products and services to. Unfortunately, both of these customer care communication formats cause frustration for those seeking assistance through them.

Phone conversations can be muddled or way too quiet to understand. Meanwhile, text chats sometimes lead people to wonder if they are even speaking with an actual human representative. 

As a company, you do not want current and potential customers to discontinue doing business with you because of a poor customer service strategy. Thus, maybe it is time to employ video chat technology as a way to communicate with shoppers who support your business?

Create a More Human Experience

As noted, customers want to feel like they are dealing with a real human when connecting with your company about an issue. 

Using a video conferencing platform as opposed to a run-of-the-mill customer service call centre allows individuals to speak face-to-face and hash out an issue in a more personalized manner. The hope here is that conversing this way will lessen customer ire and help facilitate a calm, rational solution to whatever the problem might be.

Give Customers More Valuable Attention 

Customers often feel marginalized when forced to wait in a queue over the phone or during a text chat for what seems like an eternity. This is a draining, frustrating experience for customers, and makes them feel like you do not value their time – especially if the issues are resolved in mere minutes.

If you introduce a live video chat online option for customer assistance, you cannot guarantee shorter wait times, but you can promise face-time with a living, breathing human. Customers would appreciate this type of attention, as it will make them feel better valued and not like a faceless transaction or reference number.  

Differentiate Your Company from Competitors

Although launching a video chat help centre may take a lot of courage and logistics to pull off, the reward of doing it right is sizeable. 

Think about the companies you compete with and how they continue to provide customer service through poorly managed call centres and virtual agents on text chats. Then, think about how consumers of that sector would react to you wanting to see and hear from them in a more personal manner.

Yes, it’s risky. There would be a lot of technological matters to sort out, and not all customers on a video chat would all-of-a-sudden be nice just because they get to see a face. But the upside is being a trailblazer within your industry and winning over new customers.

If you hate calling into your mobile phone carrier and waiting on the line for an insane amount of time for an impersonal help session, consider how great a video call alternative could be.

Nowadays, there are many online meeting platforms that can help you make this practice a reality. 

You Can Create More Jobs 

Some companies prefer to do as much as they can with as few team members as possible. Even though this can be cost effective, it can also lead to service gaps and inefficiencies.

When you launch a live video chat online forum for your customer service department, you will have the opportunity to create more jobs. While you may already have a great customer care staff, not all members of it would be comfortable with a face-to-face experience.

As a result, you can use this as an excuse to welcome more talent to your team. You get to seek out people with big, positive personalities whose intellect and people skills will not just benefit customers, but also freshen up your company’s image.

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