3 Things I Hope Video Calling Will Help Me Become

Ways Life Will Improve via Teleconferencing

I keep banging on about how the future is here. How video calling already changed and changes so many lives both directly and indirectly and how it will continue to do so. Well, there are a number of ways I hope video calling will change my life in particular, and the lives of others like me. Others seeking self-improvement. Self improvement video call by video call is an unusual concept, I know. But then again, communicating by video conferencing software was also an unusual concept when it first became widely available. In fact, I have addressed a couple of self-help aspects via video chatting solutions before.

The truth is, there are numerous excellent self-help tools out there which no one thinks to use. Video calling is one of them. This article is meant to outline 3 things I genuinely hope and believe video calling will help me achieve for my personal and professional growth and life enhancement. There is no huge distinction between personal and professional self-improvement in this article because the effects of the concepts discussed on both one’s personal and professional lives are quite intertwined. Now let's talk about the things I hope and believe video conferences will help me become.

1. More Efficient

I truly hope video conferencing solutions will help me become more efficient with my time. Being able to meet with people professionally without having to waste time on long commutes or being stuck in traffic is one of the greatest upsides to video calling. The same goes for you really. Imagine having a meeting with your team in your living room then joining your kids in the pool outside for an hour before getting back to work. Or postponing date night with your wife for 20 minutes to take a quick video call for work instead of cancelling it altogether because you need to waste two hours in rush hour traffic after a late meeting. Imagine having the option to not fly to important meetings your employer is holding in another city when you don’t want to, opting to attend virtually instead.

There’s really no end to the imagined scenarios I could propose for the ways video calling would make you more efficient. What you do with that efficiency is entirely up to you. You could get another degree, spend more time with your friends and family, work harder at your job to make some extra money, start a side hustle or even travel the world at your leisure. You could become more productive or spend more time doing nothing. Build an extra room in your house or start a plot to conquer the world. The world is your oyster, really. The bottom line is, properly incorporating video conferencing in your life can increase your efficiency exponentially, by giving you extra time. Which brings us to point number two.

2. More Free

You already know this but I’m a fan of stating the obvious. More time equals more freedom. If video calling helps you use your time more efficiently, it means you have a lot more time to do what you need to. In the step above I made a few suggestions in the name of efficiency, but what about using that time to really enhance the freedom of your life? What I would like to do with that kind of time is buy myself a couple of houses, rent them both out so they’re paying for their mortgages and then enjoy my remote-working life; working out of some reasonably priced, temporary accommodations in the world’s most beautiful but mostly inexpensive areas. That’s not to say I wouldn’t work the occasional month in the Maldives or Monaco if I can afford it. And that’s kind of the point.

Having been liberated by properly incorporating video calling into my work routines, living in some of the world’s most expensive economies need not be a huge financial “hit” I take in order to enjoy experiences I don’t usually enjoy. I can go anywhere at any time without worrying too much about money, and if I have any clients of my own, I could even boost my brand image by video chatting with them from places that make my continuously changing exotic locales obvious, even during a simple video call online.

Retirement plan? Well I have two houses in up and coming neighbourhoods and their mortgage is being paid. Hopefully if I’ve done this I’ve landed some reliable renters. So with a little bit of luck, by the time I need to retire I can sell both houses at a good profit, and with what little pension I managed to muster and a little smart use of my funds, I can continue living comfortably for the next 1600 years or so. I’m not very greedy. And really isn’t that why we all work, beyond our need for survival and comfort? Para estar libre? To be free?

3. More Happy

I like to think of myself as a very happy person. That said, I’m always happy to have the chance to be happier, so to speak. Ultimately, the modern uses of the video call may be helpful in making more of us more efficient and more free, but why do we seek to increase our efficiency and freedom, ultimately? Why do I in particular seek them so much, that I’m sitting here writing an analysis on how video chatting can help me achieve them? Because I believe that more efficiency and freedom in my life can ultimately lead  to greater happiness. More time for recreation. More things to experience. More time spent in meditation and prayer.

Of course, none of the things that I believe could increase my happiness need necessarily mean anything to you for you to also believe that greater efficiency and freedom in your life could lead to greater happiness for you. The important thing is that you know that time on your side is a great thing to have. Personally, I believe that however happy I am doing whatever I have to do due to financial obligations, I would be even happier not having to do anything without compromising on the long-term happiness of me and mine. Being able to reach out professionally through virtual meeting technology and reducing in-person meetings considerably promises to eventually make all office work remote. And so the development of video call solutions promises to eventually make all the difference in efficiency, freedom and thus, all the difference in my happiness.

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