How Video Calls Help You Buy & Sell a House

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When you buy a house or sell a house, it is a very big deal. Like most big deals in the world, these ones require a lot of work. You have to meet with many people, including realtors, mortgage specialists, and lawyers, to name a few. You also have to visit properties, renovate your own, pack – the list goes on.

One way to make your real estate adventures easier is by using a safe and reliable virtual meeting service to help cut down on the number of in-person appointments you’d usually have to attend. 

How can video calls help you buy a house or sell a house? Let’s take a look. 

You Can Have Regular Meetings with Realtors 

Real Estate Agents act as extremely educated tour guides and deal facilitators when it comes to acquiring or unloading a property. As such, meeting with them regularly is necessary.

During these virtual meetings, you can devise a strategy that nets you the best deal, sort through listings online together, as well as work through final decisions when multiple offers come in for your home. For instances like these, it is always best to have a more personalized, one-to-one experience. 

Real Estate Lawyers Will Work Online with You 

While most of us are used to meeting face-to-face with real estate lawyers to work on home purchases and sales, now many are conducting real estate sign ups online. 

In certain situations, lawyers will share their screen and take clients through important documents. Here, lawyers can also watch these individuals sign said documentation and answer any questions that may come about. Lawyers will still need this paperwork back in physical form, which can be accomplished by setting up a courier. 

Seek Advice from Friends 

Chances are you know more than a few people who have bought or sold a home. These folks are indispensable fountains of information if you find the real estate process daunting. 

You can make your situation more relaxed by inviting a group of friends on to a video call to help talk you through buying and selling a home. You’d be amazed by the amount of peace of mind that can be achieved by seeking such advice from those you trust most.

Watch Virtual Tours with Agents via YouTube

Platforms for online meetings can also be used to take virtual house tours. Since many real estate listings have videos about them on YouTube, you can check out a property a number of times before deciding if you love it, or want to move on from it.

Be it with your agent, or a family member who lives at a distance, certain video call apps and websites (like Banty) allow people to share and watch YouTube videos together without having to leave a chat.

Get Interior Design/Staging Advice

Before a home is listed, it is always important to receive insight from an interior designer. This will help you understand how your house will be staged when presented to potential buyers.

Even if the real estate market in your area is white hot, you still want to make your place look amazing. Having a virtual meeting with an interior designer can result in you receiving aesthetic advice on your home that you never considered. Taking these tips and putting them into motion can lead to your home selling for a higher dollar figure than expected. 

Banty Personal ($19.95/CAD month, after a 14-day free trial) is the perfect video chat solution for those looking to sell their home, or buy a new one.

Here are some of Banty Personal’s highlighted features:

Custom URL: You get to create a permanent, custom URL (i.e., when subscribing. This link will be used by everyone you invite to a video conferencing session.

No More Dropped Calls: With Banty, you can manually adjust the quality of your video feed. This is an ideal solution for when someone on the call has a slow Internet connection and the feed gets choppy.

A Secure Setting: Each Banty Personal room is protected by end-to-end encryption technology. This ensures all conversations you have will remain private.

Door Lock: Lock the door of your meeting room to ensure no interruptions are experienced.

YouTube Video Share: You can insert the clip of a YouTube link into your meeting and watch it with other attendees. No one will need to open a separate browser tab to view the video.

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