3 Things to Double Check Before a Video Call

What to Make Sure of Before a Virtual Meeting on a Video Chat Platform

Video chatting has made some amazing strides over the past few decades. Originally the realm of unreleased research, and then exclusive use offline, video meeting made its way onto the internet, then into mainstream use. But even with the mainstream use of video conferencing software, and many of the kinks being ironed out on some of the better video calling platforms, a few details to make video calls easier or harder rely on the user. Often, it helps to check (and then double check!) some things are in place before proceeding with a video call online. Below are a few of those things, listed for your convenience.

1. Double Check Your Beverage Placement

Whichever video call platform you favour, it helps to have a drink on hand. Something as simple as water will do. You might be thinking that you could drink up before firing up your video conferencing software, which you may be able to do. But the last thing you want is to drink so much that you feel like going during your virtual conference call. Sure, you might be able to handle it (or you might not!) but it’s not the most comfortable feeling or state of mind to have while conversing with someone virtually.

Similarly, you may be thinking that you don’t get very thirsty very often, but sipping on a drink just before a call starts, or a little ways after that, isn’t just about thirst. It’s true that the discomfort of thirst can also affect your conversation. But the sip you take from your beverage the minute before a video call begins is also about ensuring your throat isn’t dry. You don’t want your voice to crack and croak through your video conferencing system.

Some people are sensitive about sipping a drink during a video call, depending on the type of virtual meeting. That’s fine. You can take the sip beforehand and keep your bottle out of your webcam’s sight. But when your throat dries up, believe me, it’s less embarrassing to take a sip of water on camera than for your voice to crack over the mic. Make sure you always use a bottle and always secure the lid. You really don’t need spillage on your video call.

2. Test Your Equipment

Typically, your ability to meet virtually is determined by five elements. Your camera, your microphone, your device, your internet connection and your software. Often enough, these elements are somewhat integrated. Regardless, these elements sometimes malfunction through no fault of yours. Maybe your device stops reading your camera. Maybe your mic stops working. Your video calling platform might even have issues with the server. Although you can minimise such occurrences with the correct video chatting solution. Still. It’s better to ensure everything you need is in working order well before the time scheduled for your video conference call.

3. Keep Your Information Handy

If your video chat is more than a regular video chat, you’ve likely done some preparation for it. If you’re interviewing someone to hire, make sure you have their resume or CV, along with their information on hand. If you’re the one being interviewed, make sure to have your own information, CV and notes ready nearby. If you’re giving a presentation, make sure your slides, bar graphs or diagrams are easily accessible. Digital or analogue; whichever you’re more comfortable handling on camera. Ideally, we want to avoid the appearance of fumbling. Fumbling with analogue documents shows on your hands. Fumbling on screen shows on your face and in your voice. If you are giving a presentation, some video call apps are more helpful than others.

Got all that in place? These tips should all help you, but there’s quite a lot more. Follow us on social media and keep checking our blog for more useful advice on winning at your video conferencing. You could also take every video conference you hold to another level by signing up to one of our high-end subscription platforms. Try the first 14 days for free and read more about each platform here

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