What Makes Video Calls Great for Brainstorming Sessions

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In business, collaboration is the key to taking an idea from its infancy, to making it a successful and attractive entity. A big part of the collaboration process involves brainstorming sessions featuring multiple members of a team. These help weigh all pros and cons of a product or service, as well as how it can be marketed and sold to the public.

For the longest time, brainstorming ideas was a process that often involved many people hunkered down in a room together. Now, thanks to the heightened presence of online meeting platforms, teams can gather virtually, no matter where in the world each member is.

Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes video calls great for brainstorming sessions:

Encourages Global Perspective

For companies with offices throughout the world, they are aware that no two markets are alike. As such, it pays to have a group video call featuring at least one member of each office. This will foster deeper, more detailed discussions on what a company’s next steps should be for the project at hand. 

As companies learn how to brainstorm effectively by seeking out a global perspective from its team, chances are a more well-rounded, successful plan will be put in place.

Keeps it Personal

As much as phone calls, texts, emails, or instant messages can be used for brainstorming sessions, nothing replaces a face-to-face interaction.

With video calls, team members can discuss ideas and strategies in a manner that’s far more personal and transparent. While certain points of emphasis can get lost through the methods of communication mentioned above, a video chat makes it easier to understand exactly what’s being conveyed.

Virtual Brainstorming Tools 

While you can just have thorough brainstorming sessions verbally during a virtual meeting, most video conferencing services feature multiple idea-generating tools.

For instance, Banty has a digital whiteboard in which meeting attendees can use to illustrate new ideas in real-time. Here, a team can literally go back to the drawing board if it has trouble bringing an idea to fruition.

Opinions Can be Given and be Better Understood 

When brainstorming ideas, it helps to see a person’s reaction to what you are putting on the table. No, you will not like every response to your proposal, but a video call makes it easier to understand someone’s opinion of it.

In certain virtual meeting rooms, opinion can also be ascertained in a more organized way by launching a poll. Not only can this help a consensus come together much quicker, but it also allows participants to (if they so choose) just offer their opinion anonymously.

Promotes Teamwork

It has been said that teamwork makes the dreamwork. This is especially true as it relates to business. By having regular brainstorming sessions through video conferencing services, teams are encouraged to work together to deliver the best results. 

When brainstorming ideas, it pays to have everyone on the team contribute to the task at hand. Not only does it promote unity, but it also helps people better appreciate those they work with and how their thoughts could positively shift the direction of a project.

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