The Best Holdover Snacks for Back-to-Back Virtual Meetings

Power Through a Long Day

Do you have about a gazillion virtual meetings scheduled today? Or another day in the near future? Very little time to eat at normal hours because of how your day is planned? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ve gone ahead and compiled the best things you can eat on the fly to hold you over throughout your busy day of video conferencing, video calling and virtual meeting. These snacks aren’t meant as proper substitute meals, but rather temporary fixes to get you through each video call with your blood sugar in good shape and your hunger in check, without being so filling as to slow you down. Read on for a good idea of what to keep on hand to power you through the next succession of video calls.

1. Trail Mix

When you think of Trail Mix you’re usually thinking of snacks ideally suited for hiking or perhaps urban cycling or some equally near-strenuous activity, sustained over a few hours. But the great thing about trail mix is that you can choose your ingredients to best suit your purposes. Also, the snack you know as trail mix has a different name outside of North America. The name for trail mix in a number of European countries directly translates to “student fodder”. The significance of this snack in helping with sedentary activities such as studying, sitting through lectures, or taking exams, is evident from this naming.

So trail mix is a great choice to help you power through the video call rush you’re anticipating. Since you’re not hiking, just make sure you halve the normal portions of dried fruit or sugared confections/chocolates and focus instead on things like nuts, seeds and sugar free dark chocolate. Of course if you have certain health conditions, you might need to get creative with your trail mix. For example, a nut allergy means you need to eliminate anything you’re allergic to from the regular medleys of nuts which form the basis of many (or even most) trail mixes. Certain diabetic conditions might mean you need to eliminate dried fruit and small sugared confections/chocolates altogether instead of just halving their portion.

For easy consumption in the tiny gap you have between video calls, or to surreptitiously grab a bite during one such video call, fill up half of a clean and empty 500ml recyclable beverage bottle with your trail mix, put the lid on and shake well till it's properly mixed. Keep the mix by your desk and when you have an opportunity to do so, simply remove the lid, raise the bottle, and chew on the first rush of trail mix that pours in. No matter how hectic your day, you’ll probably have time for at least 1-3 such “sipping bites” before your next video call online or virtual team meeting.

2. Rice Cakes

If your blood sugar hasn’t already taken a major dip, rice cakes can be a reasonable option to maintain your blood sugar at the right level to get you through a few virtual meetings via video conferencing software. They’re lightweight, they’re nice and slow to digest, and they can be customised to your taste with both sweet and savoury dips and spreads. Rice cakes are also perfect for not robbing you of your appetite for when you finally have time for a proper meal.

The calorie count from rice cakes is also considerably less than many other snacks out there so you don’t need to be too worried about the occasional few rice cakes whilst waiting for your next video call, or during your next virtual meeting. You can reasonably expect to remain within your weight maintenance (or weight loss) targets if you make use of rice cakes as snacks, provided you match any potential dips, condiments, or spreads appropriately.

To be able to have this snack in quick bites between virtual meetings or sneak a few whilst you’re video conferencing, opt for the smaller varieties available, the smaller, the better. Alternatively, you could break a few pieces apart from the larger rice cakes beforehand.

3. Popcorn

Popcorn makes for an interesting food which you can flavour quite creatively. It’s light, it doesn’t digest too fast, and because of its low density, it can curb your hunger quite effectively without you needing to eat too much of it between your bouts of using video conferencing software. Popcorn isn’t quite as low caloried as rice cakes but it’s not too much to worry about either. Like rice cakes, your main weight concerns with snacking on popcorn between video calls come from what you choose to flavour your popcorn with. Lightly salted popcorn with a dollop of oil or butter can work for most people without very particular dietary restrictions or requirements.

On the other hand, drizzling it with sugar, caramel, other sweet additions, or drenching it in butter, can make popcorn quite a calorie rich food, and is only advised for those who both; have no issues with blood sugar or weight gain. Particularly if used as a repetitive snack. Otherwise, popcorn is another easy choice for a holdover snack between each video call, during a full day of video conferencing.

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