The Pros & Cons of Monday Morning Meetings

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Adam Grant

Ahh, the great debate: should you, or shouldn’t you host a Monday morning meeting? 

Even when said meeting is virtual, you will find a split amongst members of your team regarding whether or not scheduling a video call at this time is the right decision.

On one hand, you will have those who are eager to start their week with fresh direction and inspiration. On the other hand, however, there will be individuals that think gathering the team at such a day and time is a torturous punishment for something they unknowingly did wrong.

To help you come to a decision on saying “yay” or “nay” to a virtual meeting at the front end of the week, we’ve devised a handy pros and cons list for you:


·  Fresh brains: After having a couple of days away from their screens and stacks of paper, team members should be feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Hosting a live video chat online on a Monday morning would, in theory, be catching people before the mental, emotional, and physical toll of a work week sets in. Thus, you would be getting more of a ‘let’s get after it’ mindset, than one that’s just ‘meh’

·  Staff will receive immediate direction: Even when a person understands their job inside out, a well-timed Monday virtual meeting provides the direction and instruction some employees need to start their week. Without this meeting, staff may just guess about what might need to be done right away, without really knowing what should be done right away

·  Establish good internal habits: By consistently hosting a staff meeting via your online meeting platform of choice, you are creating an organized environment and training staff to be habitually prepared every Monday morning. When the team knows it is expected to be locked in the moment the week begins, the easier it’ll be to get assignments off the ground faster


·  Not everyone will be ready to go: No matter the efforts you put in to make Monday morning meetings a thing, a faction of your team will never be ready for them. Many individuals have preconditioned themselves to feel the Monday blahs, and subsequently use that as an excuse to be unproductive that day. So while you may get these staff members to attend the video call, you will not get much from them

·  You may not have a good reason for this video meeting: Even if you make Monday meetings a weekly staple, there will be instances that you have nothing substantial to discuss. This happens. Like people, companies also have their lulls. When staff members are invited to video conferences, they want there to be a good reason for it. If a team member logs on to the video chat app to discover a nothing burger of a meeting happening, they’ll be less eager to be on-the-ball the following week

·  People will want to work before the meeting: Video conferencing solutions for business do help teams get various projects up-and-running in a very personal manner. That said, you will find teammates who need to work before jumping into a virtual meeting. This helps them get back into work-mode and have a better feeling about what will be discussed. If not allotted a couple hours in the morning to do this first, your staff will grow to resent having to do meeting prep at the tail end of their weekends

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