How to Keep Patients Committed to Virtual Medicine Appointments

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One of the many keys to experiencing sustained success at your medical clinic is the ability to continually add and retain patients. This doesn’t just help pay the bills, it shows others in the medical community that your patient care levels are appreciated by so many.

When it is time to bring a virtual medicine solution into your clinic, it is your reputation patients will rely on after you encourage them to give such appointments a try.

However, after these patients have given an online doctor’s appointment a try, you don’t want them to stop there. Rather, you want them to continually seek out video call-based visits with you.

While there are many ways to go about keeping patients committed to virtual medicine appointments, here are a handful worth exploring first:

Make the Process Easy

For some patients, it will take time for them to get used to having a live video chat online with their doctor. A great way to not scare them off, though, is by making the process of a virtual visit as easy as possible.

To accomplish this, see that clinical staff is willing and able to provide a patient with any assistance they might require (i.e., how to log in for an appointment, how to see and hear their doctor, etc.).

The Banty Virtual Medicine solution allows you to create a custom Banty room address (i.e., This is the only link a patient will need to know to enter an online doctor’s appointment. No more complicated, auto generated links, or randomized passwords.

Focus on Positive Messaging

Along the way, you will need to act like a salesperson and really have to sell certain patients on the benefits of your telemedicine services. These may not always be the most comfortable moments, but they are necessary if you want online medicine to thrive at your practice.

Honestly, if you have chosen the proper virtual medicine solution, all you’ll need to do is quickly – yet knowledgeably – explain its patient-friendly features. It would also be a good idea to boast about how all clinical team members are willing to help patients if they struggle getting online for a video conference with their doctor.

As soon as these once skeptical individuals join you for a virtual visit, ask about their experience and provide any positive reinforcement necessary to keep them interested in such appointments.

Have Effective Appointments

As a healthcare professional, you already have a successful routine as it relates to how your patient appointments are conducted. While you don’t necessarily have to shift your strategy entirely for online doctor visits, you do need to focus even harder on bringing your A-game.

Patients unsure about moving forward with the telehealth services you provide will be looking for reasons to get back to strictly in-person appointments. Thus, if they feel your online treatment skills are not nearly as good as the ones experienced at your clinic, they may drop off.

By zeroing in on keeping all of your patient video calls substantiative, informative, and easy, patients will commit to future virtual visits.

Always Try to Get Better 

When a patient provides feedback about your virtual medicine services, take these comments, and concerns seriously. Relay to these patients that your team will strive to be better the next time, and you hope they’ll come see you again virtually to witness the improvements.

This will show how much you value a patient’s opinion and reinforce your desire to make each online doctor visit you host as positive of an experience as possible. This will help keep patients coming back for more.

Stress Security

Banty Virtual Medicine is HIPAA/PHIPA compliant for online medicine. All virtual medicine appointments held on our platform are secure and private, thanks to our use of end-to-end encryption.

If a patient is avoiding the idea of a doctor video call due to privacy concerns, do let them know you’ve chosen a solution that will not collect their information, nor will it allow unwanted third parties to eavesdrop on virtual appointments.

Tap here to learn more about Banty Virtual Clinic and all of its offerings.

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