5 Places Doctors Can Host Telemedicine Appointments From

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A lot has been said about how much freedom telemedicine appointments bring to patients. They no longer have to commute to a clinic for all doctor visits, nor do they have to rearrange their entire schedule to accommodate such an event now. What’s more, patients can now choose to have a virtual visit with their doctor using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Sometimes lost in the discussion, though, is just how much freedom is available to doctors who use a strong telemedicine solution like Banty for their practice. As an example, doctors can now choose to see patients from a number of different venues, as opposed to just the medical clinic itself.

As long as doctors can ensure protecting patient privacy, medical video calls can be made from many locations, including:

Home Office

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, many doctors got busy creating home office spaces in which they could conduct virtual medicine calls from.

Unlike professionals in other industries who could get away with setting up an office in their dining room or living room, doctors (especially those with full households) needed private spaces to conduct virtual visits with patients. Essentially, they required a room with a locking door and far from domestic distractions.

Today, these home offices are still an ideal spot to host online doctor’s appointments. This is especially true for doctors who are able to spend part of their week at the clinic physically seeing patients, while spending the other part at home conducting virtual visits.

The Car

While not the most ideal environment for a live video chat online with a patient, the car can serve as a spot in which you connect with a patient seeking a quick answer to an uncomplicated question.

For instance, say a patient would like to know whether or not their current prescription needs to be refilled. This call should only take a couple of minutes. With that in mind, this conversation can be had as the car warms up ahead of travelling to an outside-the-office commitment.

To ensure optimal audio quality, invest in noise-cancelling headphones for telemedicine calls of this nature.


As much as you’d love to get away from it all for a few extra days, patient emergencies do come up. By having a reliable video call solution available to you, patients can be tended to even if you are lounging at the cottage.

Regardless of if this is a family or friends trip, though, separate yourself from the group to avoid anyone else hearing the nature of your conversation with a patient.

Find yourself the quietest spot possible and one in which the patient will be able to see you clearly. This could include your cottage’s bedroom, or a spot outdoors that is neither too sun drenched nor too shadowed.

Hotel Room

Like other industries, you will have trade shows and seminars to attend throughout the course of a year. These gatherings nowadays often touch on topics related to online medicine, not to mention how the right video conference solution can positively impact a clinic.

Whatever the event may be, your patient commitments could be far too great to simply brush aside for a number of days. As such, the hotel room can prove itself to be a perfect space to have an online doctor’s appointment from.

While it may be tempting to make such a telemedicine video call from the lobby or breakfast room, remember, privacy is key. Make these calls from the room only and speak at a volume that will not bleed through the walls around you.


During the right seasons, it can be a nice break in routine to make some video calls from the backyard, as opposed to from the clinic or indoor home office.

However, when someone does book a doctor’s appointment online with you, they will always expect a high degree of professionalism. With that in mind, any telemedicine appointments you conduct from the backyard should have a calm backdrop, no one hovering around you, as well as a crisp Internet connection.

To ensure a video call from this space goes well, all three of those requirements should be met.

No matter where you’d like to host your virtual visits from, Banty Virtual Clinic is the telemedicine solution for you. Tap here to learn more.

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