4 Ways Video Calls Can Improve Your Meeting Habits

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Adam Grant

When hosting or participating in a video call staff meeting, the aim should always be to exemplify good habits. Doing so helps you successfully deliver your contributions to the rest of the team, all the while showing them a professional side they can trust and rely on.

To some, these tendencies come naturally. For others, however, developing these skills and turning them into habits require a bit more work. Fortunately, video conferencing is a great environment to hone such habits and regularly showcase them.

Virtual Meetings Promote Timeliness

Even when an in-person team meeting is scheduled for a particular time, start times can fluctuate as a result of many inter-office scenarios. When a video call is booked, though, it is hard to excuse being late for one.

If you work remotely, there is zero traffic stopping you from getting to your workstation. What’s more, if you are at home or at the office, chances are you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet just inches away from your hand. Each of these devices also make it easy for you to manage and maintain a calendar that helps prevent you from being late for a meeting.

Video Calls Keep You Accountable to Your Team

When joining a call with a small, or sizeable group of teammates, chances are you will be required to contribute something to the get-together. Seeing as each member of a team is usually responsible for certain tasks, perspectives, or assignments, showing up empty handed is not an option.

Failure to do this – and subsequently not seeing anything wrong with that – proves a lack of accountability on your end. In a professional setting, you do not want this to be people’s perception of you.

Video Chat Apps Inspire Better Communication Skills

Let’s face it: no one is an expert video call communicator right out of the gate. As incredible as video conferencing solutions for business may be, speaking with people through a screen is not the most natural experience for some.

However, like most things in life, practice does make perfect. When using an amazing online meeting platform multiple times a day or week, you will quickly figure out how to best conduct yourself in this setting. By extension, you will be able to take some of the lessons you learned here and turn them into habits you exude during all future virtual meetings you participate in.

Video Conferencing Teaches Organizational Skills

During a live video chat online, there is nowhere to hide. Thus – if you expect to be presenting at one – you better be organized.

In online team meetings, there are so many tools that can be used to put on an interesting, engaging, yet to-the-point presentation for all in the room. But, if you fail to properly organize this presentation ahead of time, it can go off the rails rather fast.

No one wants to watch a video call presentation that features you sifting through papers for notes. They also do not want to witness you struggle to screen share that PowerPoint presentation you now can’t locate.

By taking an organized approach to online meetings, you will learn how to always convey your work the right way.

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