5 Ways to Stay Calm & Cool During a Video Call

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Keeping your composure on a video call goes a long way toward holding the attention of those in the meeting, while helping you communicate exactly what you need to say. 

However, not all of us have nerves of steel. Many people are inherently shy, or simply very uncomfortable speaking in front of a group. Even though online meeting platforms are secure and easy venues to chat with others through, such a convenience doesn’t automatically eliminate the uneasy feelings of some participants.

If you are someone who struggles in such an environment, following these five tips will help you successfully make it through any video conference.

Know Your Stuff

No matter how uncomfortable you feel in front of others during a live video chat online, knowing your stuff is the easiest way to get into a groove.

The key is to shift all of your focus to whichever role you will have during a video call. If you have been asked to discuss global trends that will most impact the company in the next five years, zone in on that. Eliminate all other noise.

By conducting enough research and additional forms of pre-meeting prep, you will be unshakeable. As for when people begin peppering you with questions, don’t worry. The work you’ve already put in will result in you having the answers.

Get Psyched

Occasionally, you may just need to get a little fired up ahead of a team meeting. You know, something that gets the heart pumping, the brain active, and the self-confidence soaring.

For some people, this can come from a playlist of high-energy music that puts you in a desired mindset. For others, a quick motivational video or reciting a personal mantra does the trick.

Whatever gets you going, use it ahead of each video call.

Stay Within Yourself

Even after you’ve gotten fired up, you still need to stay within yourself during a video conference in order to properly deliver what you need to.

Essentially, this means knowing what your areas of expertise are amidst the team, and not overextending yourself in a way that could have a detrimental impact on your performance. If you stay in your lane and stick to what you know best, you will be able to avoid any self-induced virtual meeting anxiety.

Call from a Comfortable Room 

It’s amazing how much influence your environment can have on the quality of work you produce. Whether working from home, or from an office, create space in which you will feel comfortable doing a video meeting from.

Have a comfy sitting area for those lengthy online staff meetings; see that the lighting is exquisite and minimal noise surrounds you. What’s more, personal trinkets, inspiring artwork, as well as uplifting paint colours on the wall will pick you up in moments of doubt.

If video calls get you unexplainably sweaty, don’t forget to invest in an office fan.

Understand Others Have Screwed Up Before

It is human nature to make a mistake and be very hard on oneself immediately afterward. A way to stop such a reaction before it starts is to realize others have screwed up before.

If your video call cuts out due to a wonky Internet connection, or you fumble over the numbers in your presentation, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are not the only person in the history of the universe to experience such moments.

Even if you are using the best video conferencing solution for business, errors are going to happen. And these errors will probably be committed by someone else tomorrow.

Take a breath, this stuff happens.

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