You Can Set and Achieve Goals on Video Conferences

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Adam Grant

In both personal and professional settings, it’s important to set goals. They can be as small as putting your dirty laundry in the hamper every morning, or something larger like elevating yourself to a V.P. position in five years.

Without goals, complacency and boredom kicks in, making each day blend into the next. This is unhealthy for the soul and definitely no way to live.

If you happen to be a goal-oriented person, you know there are a number of ways to turn goals into a reality. But did you know video conferences can play a role here? Let us explain.

Constant Opportunities for Inspiration

When on a video chat app with a friend or co-worker, there is no telling how the conversation will evolve. As such, it is always a possibility that something said during a video call will inspire you to either reach a goal you’ve been putting off for a long time, or set a new one.

At this juncture, you can bounce said goal off of your virtual meeting partner. This will lead to a healthy discussion in which strategies for attaining a certain goal can be developed and visualized.

Trade Shows are Going Virtual

For years, many people have attended in-person trade shows as a way to learn more about their industry and to further develop their skills. Now, such events are being put on virtually.

Online, these engagements still feature exhibitor booths, as well as keynote addresses designed to motivate and encourage all professionals in the room.

Even if you don’t have specific, career-related goals at the outset of this large-scale video conference, something within it could help you focus on one you never previously considered.

Climb that Ladder

When the company you work for opts to use an online meeting platform for all team get-togethers, you are being presented with a golden ticket to accomplish your goals.

If a small, internal video conference is done right, then each person in the room will have a chance to speak and/or present on a certain topic. If one of your goals is to climb the company ladder as quickly as possible, this is the time to showcase your strengths.

By putting yourself out there during such a video call, you are pouncing on a great opportunity to open the eyes of the movers and shakers within your company. Who knows? Maybe they’ll take an instant shine to you and help you reach that professional goal sooner than expected.

Get More Social

For a multitude of reasons, you could have trouble keeping in regular contact with family and friends. Life gets busy with jobs and local social commitments, while those you care about move further away and become less available to see in-person.

If they, like you, enjoy having a live video chat online, you can accomplish the goal of staying in touch with them by sending regular video conference invites. Of course, you do not want to inundate people with video chat requests simply to fulfill the objective of this ‘to-do’ list.

If you know how to set goals, you know it’s all about approaching them pragmatically. In this instance, aim for a handful of video meeting requests each week and see how that goes.

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