How to Keep Your Virtual Meetings Fresh

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Regardless of how much you love a certain activity, you will inevitably strive to change things up now and then. This can be said for the type of mobile apps you frequent, to the TV shows you binge, or even the grocery store you shop at.

With regards to work, however, some struggle with the concept of adjusting how a virtual meeting is organized.

When you are regularly in charge of hosting your office’s weekly online staff meetings, it can be easy to fall into the same routine and structure. This usually happens because you have gotten comfortable with the format and think you do not have the time to get more creative.

In reality, though, it is worth your while to find that time and make each video call a must-attend affair. Doing so will keep staff engaged, you on your toes, and the company on a successful path forward.

Let’s explore how you can keep virtual meetings fresh:

Open the Floor to More People

Sometimes, the best way to change the feeling of a weekly video conference is to have other people lead the conversation. No matter how much your team may appreciate your efforts, hearing a fresh voice helps them to better stay in tune.

Now, making this happen requires giving each video call meeting a unique agenda (we’ll get into that next), but it also makes more people feel good about being included in the process.

Create New Meeting Agendas When Possible

Not everyone can handle change very well – especially if it substantially alters how a person performs their job. But video conferencing solutions have come so far over the years that implementing new meeting formats and features is not a painstaking experience.

In fact, it’s become simpler to add new multimedia aspects (i.e., videos, audio clips, slides, etc.) than ever before. Simple swap ins and outs of this nature can dial back video call repetition that slowed previous staff meetings, and generate fresh interest from all in attendance.

Bring in Special Guests

One way to include more voices and offer the team a new meeting agenda is by welcoming special guest speakers into a virtual meeting.

To be clear, this wouldn’t just be someone from inside your company, but outside of your immediate department. Rather, it could be from an industry-related motivational speaker capable of firing up those on the video chat. Or perhaps there’s a celebrity or public figure your company has close ties with that would be open to popping into a call.

Whether you save this as a surprise, or announce the special guest details ahead of time, you are showing others that you know how to create a presentation that’s never predictable.

Change Up the Timing

Sure, some people take comfort in knowing their department’s weekly virtual meeting consistently takes place at 10am every Wednesday. This helps them schedule other commitments accordingly. It also trains them not to be late for it.

While all of that is great, it also leads to a feeling of “ho hum, another Wednesday meeting.” On occasion, it pays to take your team out of its comfort zone. If nothing else, randomly moving the meeting to 1pm on a Tuesday forces individuals to refocus and not get complacent.

Knowing how to schedule a meeting in a way that doesn’t disrupt people too much – but also keeps them alert – can help your team continually progress and not remain on the same predictable course.

Lighten Up

On the other side of the scale, it’s also worthwhile to occasionally put your team at ease and reward it for all the hard work. Staff meetings do not always need to be about business. Even if they are now virtual meetings, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them fun.

If your team has been crushing it of late, see what types of games or interactive events can be done using an online meeting platform like Banty. By embracing activities like these, you allow team members to decompress for a bit, let their true personalities shine, and perhaps build greater relationships.

Banty is a virtual meeting service that can help you keep all online staff meetings fresh, fun, and productive for all involved. Click here to discover which solution is best for you.

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