Why Being Good at Video Calls Matters in Business

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Adam Grant

Over the years, video calls have been used in order to help companies progress. While the technology had been in existence for years already, it was the COVID-19 global pandemic that taught us how powerful – and important – being able to conduct video conferences with co-workers and clients can be.

Instead of relying on phone calls, texts, or emails, business professionals were able to communicate in a very human manner, even when chatting from a distance.

To some, communicating this way was natural. They very easily understood how to handle the virtual meeting solution afforded them, as well as how to interact with others while using it. However, not everyone was (or is) this way. 

Believe it or not, some folks are really bad at video calls. Sometimes this is a result of not viewing an online meeting platform as a reputable way to conduct business. Sometimes this is a result of a person feeling terribly uncomfortable talking to the little camera on their computer, laptop, or smartphone. 

For those individuals, as well as those just trying to make video conferencing work for them, it is time they begin to appreciate why being good at video calls matters. 

Helps Improve a Professional Reputation 

Of course, not all industries need to have a workforce that’s fluid in video conferencing solutions for business. However, the industries that need to see that their employees are putting their best foot forward every single time they participate in a virtual meeting. 

When an employee fails to take this approach, it can have a real negative impact on their professional reputation. Coworkers might wonder if consistently poor video call performances mean an individual is disinterested in their job or company. Potential clients, meanwhile, may not receive an impression positive enough to encourage further professional discussions. 

Being affable, organized, and ready to communicate effectively via online meetings is just another way to show others how great a person is at their job. 

Makes Work Easier

Sometimes work can just feel hard. But as we have all come to learn over time, there are ways in which we can all make our professional situations far easier to manage. Being awesome at video calls, for instance, helps. 

Let’s say a company’s marketing department has a team meeting each week. During this meeting, everyone gets to participate and share updates, ideas, or perspectives on current or future projects. 

By having these open discussions in such a forum, everyone will have a better idea as to what they need to accomplish to ensure a project reaches its desired conclusion. When everyone is in a room together – even if it’s just virtually – the easier a job can be. 

Progresses Business Goals 

All companies have goals they hope to achieve. Most of the time, to reach these goals many virtual meetings need to happen on a regular basis. Some internal; some external – or a mix of both. 

By having individuals who are highly competent at video conferencing on these calls, the better chance a company has at winning over a potential client, or a management figure who needs to be convinced that a specific idea could change the fortunes of a company.

If the virtual meeting room is regularly filled with personable, organized and tremendously credible business minds, goals will be realized much faster. 

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