Who to Schedule Regular Video Meetings with During a Pandemic

People it would help you to connect often with during extended isolation

With any luck, there won’t be another pandemic ever. We all hope that as this pandemic draws to a close, it will be the last. However, just to be safe, we’ll make some notes for any potential repeats in history. In times of pandemic, we face grave isolation which limits our physical, live interactions with other people. This a small list of people it would be beneficial to schedule regular video calls with to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy throughout any general bouts of isolation.

1. Your Doctor

I like to state the obvious so I can elaborate on it. Clinics, hospitals and doctors' offices were often quite difficult to physically access during times of pandemic for many people. Telemedicine visits are an obvious choice, but verified virtual visits with your doctor over video conferencing software are the same as regular doctor visits in a few regards. One of them is that you need to schedule them regularly. If you fall into the trap of taking a verified virtual visit via video call with your doctor less seriously than you would a physical visit, you may be a little hesitant to schedule regular doctor’s appointments online.

The reason this is particularly dangerous is that many diseases you might otherwise have detected can go undiagnosed. In fact, our co-founder, Dr. Richard Tytus, speaks out regularly on the dangers of diseases which go undiagnosed in times of crisis. Remember to schedule verified virtual visits with your doctor for as long as you may be isolated.

2. Loved Ones

Rather than listing the above as a bulkier title I went for an abbreviation. Loved ones. It covers friends, family and a whole lot more. Another obvious choice, connecting with loved ones during times of isolation is great for giving us hope and helping us through difficult times. But the emotional weight of physical isolation can make us a little sluggish about connecting with the people we love virtually. So this is a reminder to set a schedule to make it a little easier for us to regularly connect with our friends, family, and the people we love, because we need to hear from them as much as they need to hear from us during times of pandemic and the isolation it creates. Of course, if you’re on a video call using Banty, you can also connect with them outside of plain video conferencing, such as screen sharing or simultaneous video watching.

3. Mental Health Support

Whether it’s a formal, licensed therapist, or a life coach you feel has helped you through a lot, or maybe even a mentor of some sort, a regular video call with someone who offers support to your mental health on a regular basis can be very helpful. If your insurance covers it or you can afford it, it might not be a terrible idea to see a therapist, regardless of your mental state. Many people don’t medically need to see a mental health consultant of any sort, but embark upon it as a form of self-exploration. And during times which challenge everyone, seeing a therapist to help cope can be seen as a prophylactic mental health measure, rather than an unnecessary step. Of course, if you do regularly see a therapist, times of pandemic are more important than ever to keep scheduling regular video conferencing sessions with them.

This is a simplified list of people to stay connected with during times of isolation in general, and although it was inspired  by the pandemic, physical isolation can occur to people for any number of reasons. If you ever find yourself in an isolated situation after this pandemic hopefully passes, remember that a regular video call with any of the above can be a helpful coping mechanism.

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