How Video Calls Help Those Who Work from Home

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To be successful working from home, a person must possess a number of different traits. For one, an individual needs to be disciplined and focused in order to fulfill daily professional obligations. Time management, flexibility, and the ability to effectively communicate with co-workers is also important.

On the latter point, communicating from a home office to a head office used to be far more cumbersome. There’d be emails, clunky direct messaging solutions, and phone calls – none of which are real personal ways of communicating.

Thankfully, video call solutions have risen in popularity and positively impacted the workflow for those who call their home, their office. 

Let’s take a look at how virtual meeting technology is helping those who work from their house: 

No Unnecessary Travel

Sometimes it is underestimated how much a full business week of travel can negatively impact a person’s ability to do their job at an optimal level. Be it due to a long drive or haul on a public transit service, it can be challenging for some workers to keep their energy/productivity levels up. 

When a person who works from home gets to use a video conferencing solution for business purposes, they no longer have to factor in the hustle and bustle into their schedule. Rather, they can get to their computer calm and cool, not feeling wiped from extended travel. What’s more, if additional hours need to be worked, it’s far easier to make that happen when a trip home doesn’t factor into the equation. 

Maintain Team Connection 

For those who work out of a home office, it can be challenging – even at the best of times – to establish strong professional relationships with co-workers. However, being able to have a live video chat online with teammates does help. 

Whether it is weekly team meetings that are scheduled, or random ones throughout the course of a week, every little bit of extra facetime can help staff remain better connected. 

What’s more, regular video calls will also help the individual working from home feel far less isolated and much more involved in the process of current and forthcoming projects. 

Better Client Calls 

When at an office, privacy can be hard to come by. During an important call with a client, it is always best to have as few distractions as possible. 

Those who work from home can have private and focused video conferences with clients that require a vast level of focus and attention. Think of it as having the same level of intimacy as meeting up for a drink or lunch, minus the constant interruptions of bartenders or servers. 

Fewer Distractions 

Ask those who have worked from home as well as an office full-time in their past and they will tell you more productivity is had when not being physically surrounded by coworkers.

Yes, staff meetings will still happen in either environment, so let’s scratch that from the conversation here. Instead, let’s think about the number of hours of productivity lost each week to hallway conversations, coworkers popping by the desk, or impromptu meetings coming up at a moment’s notice. 

Of course, some work from home scenarios can lead to distractions (i.e., children, household matters, deliveries, errands, etc.), but those can be better managed by the individual in control of the environment. If someone is truly great at working remotely, distractions from the home front are always accounted for and worked around properly. 

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