How to Minimize Video Conference Fatigue at Work

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Adam Grant

Over the past couple of years, professionals across a multitude of industries have been either working exclusively from a remote location, or splitting time between corporate and home offices. Throughout, these individuals have grown accustomed to frequently participating in video conferences.

For some people, their virtual meeting schedules are relatively tame, having to only attend a handful over the course of a given work week. However, others have had to participate in multiple video calls on a day-to-day basis in order to achieve their professional objectives. 

What we have come to learn over this time, though, is no matter how modest or intense a person’s online meeting schedule is, there comes a point when a change of pace is required. More often than not, this is to help an individual shake off video conference fatigue in order to feel fresh and less-stressed while working. 

If you have found yourself to be overwhelmed by your online team meeting commitments, here is how you can help put your mind at ease: 

Only Schedule and/or Participate in Meetings that are Necessary 

Sometimes we tend to overuse great technology to our detriment. In the video call era, this is especially true. Many work environments get so caught up in the idea of using an online meeting platform that they sometimes forget not everything requires a staff get together.

For managers or team leaders, it is best to only schedule virtual meetings with staff when absolutely necessary. By being more discerning about what requires a meeting and what could be handled in an email or direct messaging solution, staff will be much more receptive and tuned into the video conferences you book. 

If you are an employee, it can feel tough to tell a boss “no” when it comes to any request they make. However, when a video staff meeting obviously does not require your presence, respectfully point out that more productivity can be achieved on your end if able to sit out certain calls. In these instances, though, first be sure to read the tea leaves carefully before taking such an approach. 

Keep Video Calls Focused 

All meetings – even those held online – can lose their focus and result in calls being dragged out longer than need be. While you may not be able to always stop this from happening, you can easily do your part to ensure a video conference doesn’t wear out its welcome. 

This can be accomplished by using your words wisely and getting to your point in a thoughtful, yet direct and succinct manner. Talking for the sake of talking has zero value. Others on the call will begin to tune out long-winded monologues by managers and co-workers.

Whether you are a manager or co-worker, keep this in mind when participating in a live video chat online. The faster you can get to the point, the less fatigued your audience will be. 

Rest Your Eyes and Stretch Your Legs 

While the notion that “sitting is the new smoking” may seem far-fetched for some, staying glued to one’s seat can result in frequent workday exhaustion. 

When faced with a day in which several video conferences will be had, find time between these calls to step away from your device. At the very least, get your eyeballs off the screen for a bit of time and allow your mind to disconnect. 

If there is a good chunk of time between your online meetings, try to go for a quick walk. This could be a casual jaunt around your street, or a 10-15-minute treadmill break. 

Regardless of the option you choose, how you feel during the course of a typical workday will be noticeably different if you find some time to decompress and focus energy elsewhere. 

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