You Can Gain New Business Using Video Calls – Here’s How

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There is no doubt that in order to gain new business for your company, you have to be willing and able to meet with a plethora of clients. You see, many professional entities will not blindly just give you business. They will want to build a quality rapport and feel comfortable with whom they will be spending their time and money on.

For the longest time, a company representative and respective clients would either connect in person in formal or not-so-formal settings. Or they’d communicate regularly over the phone, via email, and by sending one another instant messages. 

However, as more and more video conference solutions for business emerge, individuals focus a lot on conducting virtual meetings online. While this is definitely a great communication tool, professionals still need to understand how to use it in a way that fortifies bonds and subsequently generates new business. 

If you are hoping to gain new business via online meetings but are unsure of how to go about that, here are some helpful tips: 

Frequently Schedule Face-to-Face Client Calls 

A major benefit of virtual meetings is that they allow individuals to connect with one another no matter where they might reside. Sure, there could be some time zone-related challenges every now and then, but apart from that, the possibilities are sky-high. 

Now, to keep such long-distance business relationships alive and kicking, it is advisable to schedule frequent face-to-face video calls. These do not need to occur on a daily basis, however. 

At the outset of a potential business relationship, early interactions may resemble that of a feeling out process. As such, the parties involved may only want to chat once a week. But, as soon as the relationship begins to solidify and negotiations start to heat up, do not be shy about participating in multiple online meetings each week. Heck, you may even be asked to join daily video conferences with potential clients. 

Each situation, of course, will be different. As a result, it pays to be flexible and not be shy. Make yourself available for as many video calls with clients as necessary. That way, even if the deal does not go as planned, you can at least look in the mirror and recognize you put your best foot forward. 

Show Who You Are 

What can be tricky with virtual meetings at first is how you roll out your personality. As you likely know, many individuals have a professional personality and an out-of-office personality. For the most part, it makes best sense to keep these personalities separate when forming a client relationship. 

Over time, though, you may soon learn that the person in which you are hoping to do business with is open to you letting loose a little bit. While it is important to have a professional dialogue, there may be moments in which the person on the other end of the call wants to see your more personal side. 

Do not be afraid to make this adjustment. But always be sure to never get too bombastic and reveal a side of your personality that may not be desirable to a potential client.

Present with Confidence

Apart from the social element, clients will want you to make a compelling case as to why it is a wise move for them to do business with you.

When gathering together on your online meeting platform of choice, gather all pertinent facts, figures, and resources, organize them accordingly, then present with a high level of confidence.

If the client can see how passionate, yet factual you are about what’s possible if this business relationship were to move forward, chances are they will want to work with you moving forward.

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