How Video Calls Can Improve Business Relationships

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From a productivity standpoint, we have come to learn just how important video calls can be in a business setting. For one, having such an engaging, open line of communication can make it easier for teams to work through projects from their developmental stages, through to completion. Secondly, virtual meetings eliminate the fatigue and time suckage many workers experience thanks to lengthy commutes to the office. 

Beyond productivity, though, we should also pay more attention to how crucial video conferencing can be to business relationships. Yes, most professionals have turned to phone calls, emails, texts and direct messaging apps to stay connected to one another. While all of these mediums have their pluses, all are missing one significant component: the ability to physically see who they are conducting business with.

The type of communication and comfort found during online meetings in a video format is beneficial for a number of reasons. Let’s explore some of them:

Face-to-face Interaction

For some, talking business on the phone leaves a lot to be desired. When bouncing ideas off a coworker, or offering proposal terms to a potential client, it is ideal to see how an individual is reacting to what’s being discussed.

Here – unless someone has an incredible poker face – the guesswork of how someone on the other end of the video call is feeling, dissipates mightily. That, and some individuals are just more comfortable having significant and/or collaborative conversations face-to-face, versus over the phone or via written correspondence. A comfortable meeting participant is a far more active and receptive meeting participant.

Distance is Eliminated

If a company is 100% committed to hiring the best talent available, it needs to be receptive to the idea of remote workers. Now that plenty of video conferencing solutions for business are available, this makes such a hiring strategy far more plausible.

While managing time zones may be tricky for certain companies, a great online meeting platform will help them communicate effectively with staff members in different states/provinces, countries, or even continents. Taking this step will ensure that no stone is being left unturn when attempting to build out a team.

Brings Teams Together

Remote working has become a larger trend since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world. All of a sudden, employers and staff members alike needed to learn how to have a live online video chat with one another in order to keep business moving along.

While the world is opening again, the video call cat can’t be put back into the bag. For some employees – and employers – it’s been discovered that everyone does not need to be physically in the office every day.

That said, bonding and keeping a team on the same page remains crucial. Thus, continuing to embrace the positive elements of online staff meetings is imperative.

Make Clients Feel Comfortable and Familiar

When beginning a relationship with a new client – or improving existing ones – having regular video calls is a surefire way to keep everyone comfortable and familiar with one another.

No, the days of wining and dining at a local establishment are not extinct. However, for clients who are not local and easy to see in such an environment, a virtual meeting setting is the next best option.

Seeing one another will make building a sturdy business bond much more realistic than relying upon a blaring speakerphone. What’s more, gathering in such a space can result in more casual conversations not necessarily related to business. While this may feel a bit off-topic for some, such social engagement helps two parties find common ground and learn about each other outside of any professional framework.

Sometimes, it is sharing a similar passion/interest outside of the business spectrum that helps take client relationships to the next level.

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