How Video Calls Can Improve Staff Morale

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To keep a staff fully engaged in its work, it is a company’s responsibility to ensure morale is in good standing. While you can’t control all of the up and down emotional moments by everyone on the team, you can do your part by offering positive reinforcement on a regular basis.

One way to do this is through video calls. Since a large number of companies have a mix of in-office and remote employees, using a trusted online meeting platform is the easiest way to regularly touch base with staff. What’s more, the venue offers opportunities for more personalized interactions, some of which can go a long way toward keeping the team in the right frame of mind.

Specifically, though, how can video calls improve staff morale? Let’s look into this.

Frequent Social Interaction is Good for the Soul

There will always be team members who have days in which they’d rather be left alone to work, and not have to face the obligation of a virtual meeting. But they will also have those days in which social interaction through a live video chat online can perk up their mood and productivity.

For remote staff in particular, it is easy for them to go days without verbally communicating with coworkers. In these instances, it’s easy for such employees to feel isolated, insecure, and negative. By encouraging more video meetings with said individuals, you have the opportunity to pick them up before they get too down.

Feeling Included is Significant

In addition to the verbal communication, simply making all staff members feel included is a big deal. While you do not want to monopolize an employee’s time by bringing them into a video conference in which they may have little verbal involvement in, sometimes just being a part of the video chat itself is crucial.

At the very least, this person will not feel forgotten about. Additionally, by just being in the video call meeting space, they will have the opportunity to learn more about what’s going on with various company initiatives, and build out their knowledge base.

Discussions Lead to Direction 

Emails, texts, instant messages, and even phone calls are prime communication tools, but sometimes leave much to be desired with regards to clearly providing direction.

Face-to-face video calls, however, lead to more intimate discussions in which direction can be better provided, and understood by the employee. What’s more, they give the staff member a chance to clear up any details that are foggy to them. From the managerial side of things, your direction can be presented in a more concise manner, leaving little room for confusion and subsequent project delays. 

Eliminating Mystery Relieves Lots of Stress

There are few things more terrifying to a staff member than receiving a blunt email from their boss. Oftentimes, these messages are immediately perceived in a negative light, leading the worker to wonder if something is afoot.

If you regularly send out emails like this, consider cutting back and replacing some of them with video calls. By doing this, you would be eliminating the mystery your usually brief emails offer, all the while minimizing the stress of your workers.

This is Where You Clear Up Misunderstandings

As noted, the nuances of some conversations can get lost when they’re not done in a face-to-face environment. This can lead to misunderstandings capable of fracturing business relationships and causing internal strife. 

To get away from that, have more online video chats if trouble is sensed. Letting a potential issue rise to a boil over time is never healthy. In order to quash conflict before it gets too ugly, make a video call.

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