Why Virtual Dating Can Help an Established Relationship

Digital Dates are Great for Temporary Long Distance Situations

For most people who pursue romantic relationships, there is no true substitute for interacting in person. However, virtual dating via video call online has made astonishing strides in the last decade or so, and a significant number of people embark on entirely virtual relationships for a significant length of time before ever meeting. That said, digital dating via video conferencing software is not just beneficial for individuals looking to meet somebody new online. In some cases, individuals who are already together could stand to strengthen their relationship using video conferencing software and virtual meeting technology. Cases where individuals in an already strong and established relationship need to undergo relatively extensive time apart, whether incidentally or on a regular basis. Below, we’ve listed some of the reasons as to why that virtual dating can be helpful for these couples.

1. It Keeps you Sharing Regularly

Established relationships are built on both parties’ actions and their repetition. The repetition of these actions is not necessarily habitual but these actions strengthen the relationship regardless of that, because they forge a mental and emotional connection. On video call, a lot of these desirably repetitive actions can be replicated to a great degree. This is because video calling is primarily a tool of visual and verbal connection, and it offers you a great medium to connect with your significant other. One of those actions is sharing. Sharing information about your day, about the work that’s keeping you away, and more. If you’re away from your significant other for a significant amount of time, a regular video call encourages you to share details of your time away. A regular video call encourages your significant other to share daily details from home as well, keeping you connected to where you’ve laid down your roots.

2. It Allows You and your Significant Other to “See” Rather than “Imagine”

There’s this thing romantic partners do when they’re apart; they each imagine what the other is doing, their exact surroundings and what it’s like to be where they are. On a video call, you can show your partner your accommodations, the view outside the place you’re staying, what you were up to before they called, and if they want to see the city you’re currently staying, you can schedule your virtual date with them on video conferencing software at a time when you’re actually outside.

This allows your significant other to be a part of your experience in your temporary new location via virtual meeting and video calling, despite not being physically there with you. Of course in healthy relationships, a little wondering and imagining keeps the emotions engaged. In the same sense that getting a little hungry every now and then can be good for you. But like the best and most satisfying conclusion to hunger is always to eventually eat, the best conclusion to the aforementioned imaginary wonder is always factual fulfillment. Which video conferencing can provide a lot of. Of course, a virtual meeting is less helpful in that particular regard if you and your partner have been to the exact same locations together in the past, but it’s still somewhat helpful. Your video call on a virtual date connects them to the current reality of that location you both shared before.

3. It Gives You Something to Look Forward To

Assuming you’re at a good headspace  in your relationship, your partner’s presence in your life is a positive thing. If you have to be away for a while from someone you love, it might feel like a bit of a drag. In the words from the “3 Doors Down” song “I just can’t wait to get back home.” And while you’re already looking forward to going back home to your partner, a virtual video conference call with your significant other can be a powerful reminder of what you have to look forward to when you go back home to your partner.

The reason being hopeful during the time you have to spend away is important is because being more positive makes it easier for you to exert the necessary effort to power through whatever’s keeping you away, whether it’s your job, the resolution of family affairs back home, or something else entirely. However, that is not all. A regular video call with your partner during time away can be an event to look forward to in and of itself, which should keep your days infused with regular doses of positivity till it’s time to head back home.

If you’re in an established relationship and you regularly need to travel far from home, these are a few reasons why virtual dates can be helpful for you. Of course, aside from talking and sharing, there’s also a variety of things you can do on those virtual dates with your significant other, such as playing games or watching YouTube films together. Start a 14 day free trial with any of our subscription Banty solutions today! Learn more about the right Banty account for you here.

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