Why It Makes Sense to Have Weekly Virtual Meetings with Staff

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No matter which industry you are in, it is important to regularly meet with your team. Unfortunately, not all companies do this, and such missed opportunities lead to a very disconnected and confused workplace. 

Whether your team is 100% in-house, 100% remote, or a healthy mix, it shouldn’t matter. Virtual meeting technology is easy, and incredible enough to bring everyone together for a constructive video call.

If your company adds weekly team meetings to the calendar, the following improvements to your business will become evident:

Everyone Will Be on the Same Page

Throughout the course of a week, everyone at your company will have been pulled into various, differing video conferences with people from other departments and/or clients. They’ll also brainstorm new ideas, or put together a project pitch they feel would be beneficial to the company.

Having a weekly video meeting with the entire team allows for all of this to come up. At this point, participants can determine which information is relevant to them, and which isn’t. The worst thing you can do is not have a weekly online staff meeting and later realize some people were left out of a loop they should’ve been included in.

Weekly Gatherings Strengthen Bonds

Depending on the department in which you work, you will not always have regular, direct contact with a co-worker who you may soon need to collaborate with. Going into a project together without any real relationship is a tough feat.

Yes, while a team video call is important for productivity and clarity purposes, it is also a significant social space in which people can become better familiar with one another.

In particular, let’s think about remote workers here. If all they do is communicate with teammates via email and the occasional quick phone call, how much of a bond can that really create? People need face-to-face interactions to build healthy relationships.

Everyone Stays Engaged

It’s challenging to remain engaged if you are unaware about how the company you work for is doing, and what important endeavours are being considered. When such information is not being passed along via a live video chat online, some staff will inherently have trouble remaining engaged.

If you want your staff to come to work each and every day with a passion for what they do, you need to keep them as apprised as possible. Sometimes, knowing what the pot of gold at the rainbow looks like is enough to make someone remain enthralled by what they do.

Focused Routines Will be Established

By scheduling a weekly virtual meeting with staff, you are establishing a routine in which everyone needs to stick to, and be prepared for.

Say you ask the team to get together every Wednesday at 12pm for a weekly catch-up. Each invitee will be able to count on that as the time of the week in which everything gets laid out on the table – be it assignment introductions, project updates, or discussions regarding strategy.

What’s more, people will always enter this meeting prepared to go over workplace matters important to them, so that they don’t slip through the cracks.

The Tough to Reach Become Reachable

Video conferencing solutions for business are a great tool for those who often have trouble reaching certain members of the team – especially busy managers and supervisors.

Once everyone is in a weekly virtual meeting, it makes conversing with those usually tough to reach that much easier. You understand their time is precious, and you don’t want to hassle them daily. But when they are slotted in for weekly video calls with staff, this is the prime opportunity for everyone to get any permissions or answers they require.

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