Telemedicine Can Be Easy. Here’s How to Make it That Way for Your Clinic

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It is not a rare condition to be intimidated by new technology becoming part of your professional environment. However, in most instances, when new technology is introduced to a workplace, the belief is that it’ll help improve workflow and how a business interacts with its clientele.

The same can be said about telemedicine. While many medical clinics have been quick to embrace virtual medicine, others have feared implementing such a solution. The reasons for this vary, with concerns about ease of use likely near the top of most clinics’ lists.

In reality, though, practicing online medicine is not hard when gone about the right way – it’s actually quite easy. To get started down the right road, all you have to do is follow these key steps:

Choose Banty Virtual Clinic as Your Clinic’s Telemedicine Solution

With Banty Virtual Clinic, our goal is to provide all clinics with a telemedicine solution that’s easy, secure, and capable of offering a very personal experience for both its team and patients alike.

All doctors who subscribe to Banty Virtual Clinic get to create a unique Banty room address (i.e., This is where patients will go when it’s time for their appointment. Rooms can be accessed via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Every patient video call on Banty remains private thanks to the end-to-end encryption technology we use. For additional appointment security, doctors can activate the door lock feature to ensure their next patient doesn’t accidentally walk in on someone else’s session. If a patient happens to arrive early, they’ll be asked to hold tight in your custom-branded virtual waiting room.

Train Your Clinical Team

Once you begin using Banty Virtual Clinic, take some time to train the clinical team on how to best use the platform. Even though Banty Virtual Clinic is designed to be straightforward for anyone using it, designating educational sessions with staff comes with multiple benefits.

Firstly, building familiarity will make the rollout a smoother one. Patients could lose faith in your telehealth initiatives if those offering it do not know how to help them book a doctor’s appointment online.

Secondly, seeing that everyone in the practice knows how to operate the technology means there will not be any drop off in service if certain staff members are absent on a given day.

Last, but not least, the better trained everyone is, the less they’ll fear the video call technology being worked with. Eliminating that fear will make it a million times easier to provide patients with high-quality virtual visit experiences.

Create a Great Rollout Plan

Before your doctor logs on for their first live video chat online with a patient, the clinic needs to devise a plan for how its telemedicine services will be rolled out – not to mention which processes need to be first put in place to ensure it functions properly.

From there, consider how to market the arrival of online medicine services to the clinic. Outline the messaging which should be put forward, then determine the means in which it’ll be delivered.

After that’s been settled, gather the office team together for a final rundown of the plan to ensure everyone is up to speed with the agreed upon strategies and objectives.

Teach Patients and Build Their Confidence

Even after your clinic begins marketing the fact it is now offering telemedicine services, getting patients to actually book an online doctor’s appointment is the next challenge.

At this time, you’ll probably encounter patients who are unfamiliar with how video call/video conference technology works, or those scared that their personal medical information will leak out online.

This is the time in which your clinical team needs to take all they’ve learned about Banty Virtual Clinic and telehealth as a whole to teach patients how it all works. If these points are successfully communicated, patients will begin to have confidence in the virtual medicine option being offered to them.

Banty Virtual Clinic makes telemedicine easy. Tap here to learn more about our services.

Also, don’t forget to download the Banty video chat app from The App Store or Google Play.

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