How to Bring the Energy Back to Your Virtual Meetings

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If you have ever logged into a team meeting with low energy, you know right away that while the gathering may still be relatively productive, getting anything accomplished will feel like a slow crawl. 

Now, there are a multitude of reasons why a team video call can lack energy. The team could feel exhausted from the abundance of work they are already buried beneath; certain professional relationships have become strained; staff are not convinced of the company’s direction; or video conferences are happening at bad times of the day or week.

While all of these scenarios present unique challenges for those hosting staff meetings, there is a lot that can be done to get the energy level back to a higher level. Keep in mind, though, these tactics will have to be regularly exercised in order to gain traction – these are not one and done situations.

Here is how to bring the energy level back to your virtual meetings:

Host with Passion

If you are hosting the live online video chat with your team, do so with passion. Come on to the call focused and enthusiastic about what is being discussed. What’s more, try your hardest to keep that energy at a consistent level throughout the duration of the meeting. 

That said, do not be too over-the-top. If your energy feels overly put on or way too cinematic to be authentic, take a small step back. People on the video call will be able to smell out disingenuous energy and tune it out very quick.

To succeed here, be yourself, but just crank up your personality to a suitable level. After a while, you will have a total understanding of what that is.

Keep Online Meetings Concise

When a virtual meeting does not have an agenda or well-designed focus, it can go on for far longer than it needs to. As this happens, it is natural for the host energy to slow and the attention of other meeting participants to wane.

If everything that needs to be discussed can be accomplished in a succinct 30- to 60-minute format, then it will be much easier to keep energy up and be sure all participants remain engaged.

Schedule Video Conferences Accordingly

Let’s be honest here. There are certain days/times during the week in which scheduled video meetings will not have as much energy as desired by the host.

More specifically, first thing Monday mornings are not ideal. While everyone should be rested and relaxed from their weekends, many are trying to get back into work mode and catch up on any pertinent emails and/or assignments that may have come in since Friday. Push to Monday afternoons if at all possible.

Then you have early Friday mornings and late Friday afternoons. For those who have fought the good fight all work week, scheduling meetings at these times will result in a less than ideal video call environment.

Ensure the Environment is Positive

Sometimes, all meeting hosts have to do to keep energy up in virtual meetings is by creating and maintaining a positive environment. This can include periods in which staff can chit chat about non-work-related interests, share jokes, or talk about current events.

Also, a positive environment can be maintained by promoting team collaboration and avoiding the urge to embarrass, or pick a fight with someone who didn’t meet project expectations. Rather, provide encouragement and positive reinforcement where possible.

When staff knows that the online meeting they are attending will not be all doom and gloom, they will enter these calls with a much higher energy level.

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