Your Boss Struggles with Video Calls – Here’s How You Can Help

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The greatest bosses in any industry try their hardest to be surrounded by the best and brightest team members. Regardless of if someone is in a full-time role, a part-time spot, or in a freelance capacity, excellent corporate leaders want these individuals to strongly contribute to the success of their business.

Not only does having the strongest workforce possible help ensure that the work gets done at a high-level, each member of said team can channel past experiences in order to help a boss navigate through new scenarios, or processes. 

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, more and more bosses needed to rely on the usage of video call technology in order to manage staff, as well as meet with clients. Some had already been conducting video conferences for years on end, but a number of others were forced to learn how to conduct successful virtual meetings. 

As a result, certain bosses struggled – and continue to struggle – as it relates to interacting with others within an online meeting platform. Since knowing how to have effective video calls is now crucial to business management, it is important for bosses to learn and adapt. 

One way to speed up this process is for you, a trusted and reliable employee, to provide as much assistance as possible. Here is how you can help your boss if they struggle with video calls: 

Have a Heart-to-Heart 

Now, you have to approach this step delicately as not all bosses who are bad at video conferencing will know they are bad at video conferencing. While others on the call are whispering offline about how tough these online meetings are, the boss will presumably think they are killing it. 

If you are witnessing certain flaws or tactical errors in how your boss handles virtual meetings, professionally – and respectfully – voice your concerns. Do not be insulting or condescending. Instead, present your concerns, as well as those of other team meeting participants. 

Explain how all of these issues can be quickly overcome and do not require the boss to entirely rethink how they approach meetings. Where necessary, share online resources that a boss could study in order to better thrive at their role as an online meeting lead.

By and large, great bosses are always willing to learn more and improve their skill set. If you approach such an interaction this way, you stand a better chance at helping your boss versus making them feel upset about constructive criticism. 

Create an Agenda

Some bosses are tremendous speakers and know how to get their points across in a meeting setting. However, a faction of this contingent will be long-winded and not able to keep an online staff meeting focused and on-time. 

For the boss that has a shining personality and intellect, but does not know how to organize a meeting, offer to create the agenda yourself. Find out which topics need to be discussed and how much time should be devoted to each. This will help the boss – as well as video call participants – stay on course. 

Offer to Lead the Occasional Meeting 

Sometimes, a boss can struggle during online meetings simply because they have to do way too many of them. After a while of doing the same task over and over again, it is natural to get fatigued and begin to hit roadblocks. 

If you are in any sort of position of leadership within your company, offer to lead the occasional meeting. Of course, the boss will still have plenty of time to take the floor and address all matters on the call, but you will be the run directing the ship. 

And who knows? Maybe your video call leadership style will help improve how a boss approaches future calls when they have hosting duties.

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