The Right and Wrong Ways to Use a Video Chat App on Mobile Devices

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It will always be hard to properly value the immense impact mobile devices have had on business. They not only help us complete tasks in an efficient manner, but they also make us easily reachable for our coworkers, clients, and industry mates. 

As video call technology has evolved over the years, it is now commonplace for online meeting platforms to offer their customers access to a video chat app. Instead of having to be nailed to your office chair and computer, you can now take part in a virtual meeting from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. 

However, with such convenience comes much responsibility. The moment you download a mobile app like Banty’s (for iOS and Android devices), you need to understand how to use this tool in a courteous, responsible, and professional manner.

If you have ever been unclear about how to conduct yourself while using a video chat app, let’s take a closer look at the right and wrong ways to use them:

The Right Ways

Find a well-connected space: Before jumping into a live video chat online with colleagues, see that the space you are in has excellent Internet connectivity. When on a video call from your office, you can typically trust the Internet strength is going to be solid.

If you choose to go outside of that space and use a video chat app instead, such solid connectivity is not guaranteed. As such, seek out a spot with a strong signal.

Be on-time: Although video chat apps come with the freedom of virtually meeting with others from wherever you might be, you still need to respect the schedules of others.

Arriving at a video meeting when you are supposed to shows others on the call that you are focused on them, and respect the time they are taking to speak with you.

Have great lighting: When you move around in search of a nice spot to join your team chat video meeting from, always keep lighting in mind. Indoors or outdoors, you want to avoid looking shadowy, or washed out. As such, always consider where you are sitting in relation to certain light fixtures, as well as the sun.

By using a video chat app on your mobile device, however, you have the advantage of moving around and switching your setting if lighting conditions get rough. Just try to not make this a habit.

The Wrong Ways

Walking and talking: It’s one thing to prefer mobile video chat apps because you are always on the go, but it’s a whole other thing if you are literally on-the-go during a video call.

As common courtesy to the person on the other end of your live video chat online, be situated somewhere. By walking and talking, you give off the impression that you are not 100% focused on the conversation. What’s more, this action infers you don’t take the meeting seriously enough to pause whatever you are doing, for it.

Without preparation: Regardless of the business app you use for video meetings, always be prepared for all calls you are entering.

Yes, it can be challenging to converse through a video chat app on your mobile device and have notes at the ready. But, if you knew the meeting was coming, you should have already spent some time memorizing specific pieces of information/details for your video conferencing commitment.

Nostril angles: It’s funny that, to this day, some individuals do not know how to properly angle their smartphone or tablet for an online meeting.

When a mobile device is angled too low, those on the other end of the call will get an up-close-and-personal look at your nostrils. This can be distracting (or even unsettling) for some meeting participants. Nowadays, there are enough mobile device accessories to help you better angle your smartphone or tablet when logging into a video chat mobile app.

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