How to Win Over Clients During a Virtual Meeting

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Once a relationship with a client has gone on successfully for several years, it can become hard to remember what it took to first establish that bond. Maybe you wined and dined the individual, or related with one another on a personal level. Nevertheless, you knew that in order to develop a strong working relationship, you had to put your best foot forward.

Now, as more companies use video call technology to break the ice with new clients, we have to consider how you can win over clients during a virtual meeting. Here’s how to go about that:

Connect Wherever, Whenever

Regardless of the online meeting platform you use, accessibility and availability are key. You need your client to understand that you are able to easily jump on to a live online video chat with them in a timely manner – no matter where you are stationed.

Even if it’s not possible for you to get online within 10 minutes of a video conference invite coming in, stress to the client that they are a priority and will get the first open slot on your schedule.

Show Them Your Personality

For years, we have all known how detrimental phone, email, texting, and instant messaging can be to developing business relationships. Oftentimes, using those communication tools lead to a comment/explanation being misinterpreted, or details related to deals, contractual matters, and workflows getting lost in the shuffle.

Video conferencing solutions for business instead allow for these conversations to take place in a face-to-face manner. In this setting, you get to look one another in the eye and let your personality come through the lens. Not only will this give your client a better understanding of the individual they’re dealing with, they’ll also have a better understanding of the finer points you’re trying to convey.

Impress with Engaging Presentations

As much as we’ve grown accustomed to crafting presentations for in-person meetings, we now have to understand how to do them in virtual meeting environments as well.

Fortunately, online meeting platforms make this transition easy. If multimedia-rich slideshows are your go-to, they can be delivered to clients by sharing your screen. What’s more, if the video call service you use has HD audio and video capabilities like Banty does, your presentation will not lose its luster – even if you’re presenting from miles away.

Introduce Multiple Team Members

When first speaking with a client through a video chat app, it’s natural to want to build a solid one-on-one rapport right away. Once that has been accomplished, though, use your virtual meeting service to introduce other members of your team to the client.

By adding more of your teammates to this type of business meeting, you are showing the client a sizeable group of individuals who care about their needs. What’s more, if you are unable to assist your client at a specific moment, they’ll know others from your company can lend a hand as well.

Let Them See How Forward-Thinking You Are

Every client meeting you host is an opportunity to showcase how awesome your company is, and how it can help fulfill the goals of who you do business with.

Since virtual meeting services come feature-packed, you can continuously present new ideas in a forward-thinking, live video chat online. By employing this type of technology to get your points across, the client will feel confident that you will do everything in your power to help them achieve success.

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