February 18, 2022

Nearly 70% of Patients Use Video Calling to Meet with Doctors; Banty Is Here to Increase that Number

Without question, the COVID-19 global pandemic has forced patients and healthcare professionals to reconsider how medical appointments should be conducted. Much of this was a result of health and safety measures implemented with the goal of keeping individuals distanced from one another.

According to recent findings by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), 82% of Americans have used telehealth offerings to meet with a medical professional during the pandemic. More interestingly, though, 69% of respondents said they had used telehealth through a video format. Only 38% met with a doctor over the phone.

What this ultimately means is that patients are accepting remote appointments with their doctor, when necessary. Secondly – but most importantly – patients still want to see their doctor, and are thus interested in using a video conferencing option to do so.

"Since the pandemic began, it has become crystal clear to me that patients and doctors still want to see one another, even if an in-clinic appointment is not possible," offers Dr. Richard Tytus, Co-Founder and Medical Director for telehealth solution Banty Inc. "Thus, it is super important to provide doctors and patients alike with an online solution that allows them to have a more personal connection."

Banty Inc. is currently developing a suite of telehealth products focused on giving all users an easy, secure and engaging video call experience. The goal is to create telehealth products that will further motivate patients and healthcare professionals to see each other via video.

What are the benefits of doctor-patient virtual appointments? Dr. Tytus explains:

The convenience is unmistakable: Patients can get tired and stressed out by having to travel to and from a medical appointment. As a result, some patients will avoid making appointments when they should, which can lead to a serious matter not being properly diagnosed. By making appointments easy in a virtual setting, patients can focus solely on their health and not the logistical challenges of seeing their doctor at the clinic.

The technology is sound: Banty’s video conferencing and workflow solutions for medical facilities will provide all parties involved with a straightforward, yet engaging online medical appointment experience. With ease-of-use and security high on Banty’s list of priorities, there is no doubt this these telehealth solutions will become a force within the telehealth sector.

The person-to-person connection: While many doctors call patients on the phone when in-person appointments are unavailable, such a method can leave much to be desired. Some individuals are not as communicative over the phone as they are in-person, leading to appointments that may not achieve the goal of fully resolving a medical matter. Being able to communicate face-to-face with a patient ultimately makes it easier for doctors to do their jobs.  

Banty is poised to make telehealth video conferencing a prime appointment solution for patients and doctors who aim to connect virtually.