March 15, 2022

Banty Salutes Patients Seeking Out Telehealth Appointments in 2022

Without question, the COVID-19 global pandemic brought a heightened level of awareness to telehealth. This came as a result of physical distancing measures and numerous other health and safety protocols making it challenging for doctors and patients to connect in person.

Having this connection was – and continues to be – important for doctors and patients. When a patient is unable to see their doctor for a prolonged period of time, ailments could go undiagnosed and pre-existing conditions could get worse without proper management.

Now roughly two years removed from the beginning of the pandemic, patients can more easily enter a medical clinic for an appointment. That said, a noteworthy percentage of patients are still opting to visit virtually with their doctor via a telehealth solution.

According to recent findings from Jones Lang LaSalle, 38% of those polled said they had already participated in a telehealth appointment this year. While there is clearly room for this number to grow throughout 2022, this figure is encouraging – especially for those in the healthcare industry.

"As a long-time healthcare professional, it is very exciting for me to see such a good number of patients still taking advantage of modern technology in order to have a virtual appointment with their physician," offers Dr. Richard Tytus, Co-Founder and Medical Director for telehealth solution Banty Inc. "Patients who are still nervous about visiting a medical clinic; have trouble physically making it to one; or just prefer an online appointment option, should always have telehealth services available to them."

At the height of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Dr. Tytus and fellow Banty Inc. Co-Founder, Scott Wilson, believed available telehealth solutions didn't meet the needs of patients. Many medical clinics resorted to using complicated and sometimes clunky video conferencing services to see patients. Many hiccups were experienced along the way, making the online medicine experience undesirable for doctors and patients alike.

"When Dr. Tytus began speaking with me about the lack of quality video conferencing solutions available to the medical community, I sympathized greatly," adds Wilson. "As a businessman with a hectic schedule I, too, was not impressed by the virtual meeting tools available to me. Thus, we decided to put our heads together and work toward developing a platform that would first and foremost focus on a doctor's needs, but could also be adjusted to meet the needs of those in the business community. I am ecstatic about the great progress we have made thus far."

To date, Banty continues to develop exciting video conferencing solutions for the medical and business sectors. With a focus on security, ease of use and forward-thinking workflow features, Banty is poised to deliver a truly innovative virtual appointment/meeting solution.