February 24, 2022

94% of Doctors Use Virtual Care; Banty Applauds Such Progress

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, physicians have had to adjust how they care for patients. In many instances, health and safety measures made it challenging, if not impossible, for physicians and patients to have appointments at medical clinics.

A saving grace, though, has been the broad acceptance of telemedicine. Since in-person medical appointments are not always available, it is important for physicians to offer patients alternative appointment options. This, in many ways, helps patients ensure their health remains focused upon.

Recently, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) conducted a survey with 2,000+ physicians. Out of that group, 94% admitted that they currently use virtual care as a way to meet with patients.

Out of that group, 93% offered telephone consults, while 51% made video visits possible. Meanwhile, 36% serviced patients using secure email or messaging. Another 5% employed remote patient and home health monitoring.

"As a physician who had trouble seeing patients during the toughest parts of the pandemic, I've come to learn how significant it is to have virtual care services available," explains Dr. Richard Tytus, Co-Founder and Medical Director of virtual medicine solution, Banty Inc. "Thus, I am thrilled to see that 94% of my colleagues are offering such appointment options."

While Dr. Tytus applauds his cohorts for expanding their treatment methods, he does believe more of them need to move away from phone call consultations and focus instead on video calls.

Adds Dr. Tytus, "While doctor-patient phone calls are a tried-and-true method of care, that doesn't mean such a strategy provides the best results. Oftentimes, it is hard for a physician to get a true scope of a patient's healthcare-related matters without being able to physically see them. This is especially true of an ailment that's cosmetic appearance would help a doctor provide the best diagnosis and/or treatment option possible."

Dr. Tytus and his team at Banty Inc. are hard at work developing virtual care solutions that allow doctors to easily and securely meet with patients over video calls.

What's more, Banty Inc. is focused on creating an online workflow solution that helps clinics guide patients through the entirety of a typical medical appointment, but in a virtual environment, rather than a physical one.

"Our aim is to continually increase the number of doctors who are able to see patients via video conference, rather than a phone call," offers Dr. Tytus. "I believe our suite of products will positively change the online medical landscape."

Banty is poised to make telehealth video conferencing a prime appointment solution for patients and doctors who aim to connect virtually.

Thanks to Quertle for this coverage of Banty!