August 5, 2021

100% Vaccination Among Health Professionals Who Attended Banty CME's First Monthly Event

Banty Inc. successfully held its inaugural Banty CME event on July 28, 2021. Held in partnership with the Hamilton Academy of Medicine, the aim of such an event is to provide frequent Continuing Medical Education opportunities for physicians all over Canada. Moving forward, these virtual events will happen monthly, and offer insights to participating health professionals on their topics of interest.

The first Banty CME event, in which 300 healthcare professionals registered for, provided two certified Mainpro+ credits to eligible participants. The topics discussed included COVID-19 vaccination plans for the future, as well as the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on mental health for both patients and healthcare providers.

Over the course of the afternoon, a series of poll questions were launched, one of which focused on the vaccination status of attendees. Dr. Richard Tytus, Banty's Medical Director and Co-Founder, had this to say about the result of that poll:

"At our inaugural Banty CME monthly event, we thought it would be a good idea to poll all healthcare professionals present about their COVID-19 vaccination status," recalls Dr. Tytus. "I am more than pleased to report that 100% of the poll respondents confirmed being vaccinated against COVID-19."

Continues Dr. Tytus: "We asked this question because it's apparent that in order to combat vaccine hesitancy and informational confusion amongst patients, it's important for their healthcare providers to lead the charge in vaccination. Based on this result, as well as the less formally documented insight I gleaned from communicating with my fellow healthcare co-workers, I feel safe in saying that Canadian healthcare providers are leading by example.

"We had many health professionals attending our first monthly CME event, including physicians, nurses and pharmacists. We can't expect our patients to trust the safety and value of being vaccinated if we aren't vaccinated ourselves. Of course, our trust in the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccinations approved in Canada is based on our understanding of the work, research, and science behind their existence. To promote the same understanding in our patients, it is essential that we communicate well enough with them to address their concerns. With the right communication, Canadian patients could follow in the footsteps of their health care providers, which could place us as the leading nation in vaccination against COVID-19."

Banty CME's inaugural monthly event also included a dynamic and engaging Q&A session with presenters Dr. George Zhanel and Dr. Jefferey Habert. Both stimulated informative discussion and provided insightful interaction for the event participants.

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