How to Act Natural During a Video Call

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Adam Grant

We get it. Seeing yourself speak on a screen (even if it’s just in a small box) can be a strange experience. That said, as the world continues to embrace video call technology in a big way, we all need to learn how to best present ourselves in such a forum. 

Arguably, one of the toughest things to do during a virtual meeting is act natural. As one progresses, we can find ourselves subconsciously fidget in our chair, or feel like we have to put on a grand performance whenever it is time to speak - among other things. Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us.

To help you out, we felt like now would be a good time to offer tips on how to act like your best, true self during an online meeting.

Maintain Eye Contact

Our social customs have taught us it is proper to look someone in the eye while speaking with them. However, this can be tricky to do so if it requires staring at a tiny built-in webcam on your desktop or mobile device. Heck, even eyeballing a detachable webcam can feel strange.

These obstacles will always make it a challenge to maintain eye contact at all times. However, all people need is an honest effort. Avoid staring off in space, looking at your keyboard, or analyzing another monitor in the distance. Just because your staff meeting is now online, you should still put your respectful conversation skills to use and focus on those you are interacting with.

Remember, You Are On Camera  

Even if you have the eye contact perfected, don’t be that video call participant who forgets they are on camera. 

Surely you have seen articles and videos featuring people unknowingly doing strange things in front of a webcam, only to have the footage go public in a very embarrassing way. What we do not always see are the consequences of such actions – even if they are accidental.

Immediately before, during, or directly following any type of virtual meeting or random video chat with a co-worker, act natural and assume there’s a chance your video might be active.

Be Conversational

If you are a natural conversationalist, do not let the presence of a webcam and computer screen throw you off. 

It is important for everyone on your video call to believe they are still getting the same vocal, thoughtful, and informed individual they have become accustomed to. Just because the environment is different, you should still let your personality work its magic.

Keep Everything Organized

Before your video chat begins, neatly gather all your notes, collect your thoughts, and see that the technical aspects of your slides are glitch-free.

Doing this will help you flow from point A to point Z of your presentation without feeling flustered and subsequently losing people’s attention. When working remotely, you should still aim to treat this part of your job the same way as you would if it were in-person.

Listen to Everyone

Even if the virtual conference platform you use can host more than 100 video call participants at a time, always be one of those people who is actively listening to everyone.

Essentially, don’t focus your attention on another screen or something random in the foreground. Showing a presenter that you are interested in what they are saying will give them a feeling of recognition for the hard work they’ve been putting in.

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