The High-End, Secure Video Platform for Professionals
Banty features end-to-end encryption and is HIPAA/PHIPA
compliant for virtual medicine and security conscious organizations.
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Why Banty?

One-click virtual meetings
Say goodbye to generating complex meeting identifications. No more complicated pins and passwords with long-winded requirements. Hosting a meeting? Just click. Boom. You’re meeting. Joining a video call? Just put in your name. Boom. You’re on the call.
Premium video conferencing
Minimal lags and minimal bugs. Features like advanced video presentation, split-screen, picture-in-picture display, and more! Our developers and our technical support team work very closely together to ensure an optimum video call experience for you.
Customized unique banty URL
Want someone to find you? Want to find someone? Easy. No downloads. No temporary meeting platforms. Just use a custom URL to put into any browser. If you’re hosting, you let them in. If they’re hosting, they let you in. No hassle.
Search Engine Optimization
Want to be more accessible to people, professionally? Or even socially? Allow search engines to display your Banty space, and people can find you for video meetings just by searching your name along with Banty, or even just your name! Our SEO content allows you to be found whenever you wish to be.
Data Security
Generally, people worry about digital privacy when communicating online. And they should, in this day and age. But not with Banty! Featuring direct server-to-server connections, advanced encrypting, and compliance with a host of security standards, banty is the safest platform online.

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"Our clinic’s admin staff can easily schedule medical appointments and send email invites to our patients using banty. I can see the next patient when they’re at the door or in the waiting room, which gives me the control to start the next appointment when I’m ready."
Ashley Lai
"The nice part about banty is that my patients know exactly where they can find me for their virtual medical appointment since the URL always stays the same. We explain how the platform is secure, and patients get to visually see when I’ve locked the room to ensure their privacy."
Laura Rusu

Banty. Easy. Secure.

Experience premium PHIPA, HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant video conferencing

To understand the ease and security which make Banty’s foundation, we need to first look at how Banty began.

Banty was originally built for doctors and their patients. Our origins lie in telemedicine, which is still a key focus of our company. But, telemedicine has rules and regulations. For example, in Ontario (where we’re based), not all video conferencing software is appropriate for doctors to use while interacting with patients – it should be PHIPA compliant video conferencing software.

There are other PHIPA compliant video conferencing solutions out there. However, using many of these solutions requires technical expertise which often seems akin to flying an airplane. Our founders wanted to build a safe, secure, and easy to use medical platform.

With the help and perspective of doctors and patients, we built Banty. While doctors quickly began to appreciate the convenience of hosting virtual appointments, patients soon expressed an interest in having access to Banty for personal and business use. What started as an online meeting solution for medical professionals, soon turned into a service desired by people from all walks of life.

This led to us developing a suite of premium, PHIPA, HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant video conferencing platforms and further video networking solutions; Banty Personal, Banty Plus, Banty Business, Banty Enterprise, Banty Medical, and Banty Virtual Events.


All Banty platforms are encrypted end-to-end, server-to-server, but our non-medical platforms also offer a toggle option for some of the automated Banty Medical security features.

To become a PHIPA, HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant video conferencing platform provider, we needed to undertake extensive security preparation. As such, Banty underwent a lengthy security evaluation via multiple penetration tests by specially licensed professionals. Threat risk and privacy impact assessments were also performed to ensure maximum security.

Banty’s video conferencing protocols have also undergone verification for the Ontario Health Provincial Standard to make us one of the Verified Virtual Visit Solutions of Ontario Health.

The Ontario Health Provincial Standard is a standard developed by Ontario Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and OntarioMD. The standard aims to help doctors and other health care providers select the best virtual health care solutions for their patients, whilst maintaining their data privacy and security.

Meanwhile, HIPAA standards empower Banty to be used by physicians with their patients across all 50 U.S. States.

Internally, all Banty employees have completed comprehensive digital security training as a way for them to have a broader understanding of online threats and how to manage them if they arise.


All this security comes without compromising the ease of use Banty is dedicated to. Are you joining a meeting? Simply enter the host’s custom URL in your address bar and you’ll be taken to their online meeting space. (You can also click the custom link found in your meeting invite).

Once in the virtual waiting room, enter your name and you will be welcomed into the meeting when the host is ready to begin. Inside the meeting space, all of the intuitive productivity tools are just a click away and easy to use.

Banty meeting rooms are accessible via any desktop browser, as well as through dedicated apps for iOS and Android devices.

No matter where in the world you are, Banty is the virtual meeting solution that you can always rely on.


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